About Me!

This site is purely for my enjoyment. Lets Start with a little about me.

I am a 47 year old married woman who has a loving and kinky husband. We enjoy our sexual creativity and have explored many options. We have explored the Dom/Sub, Threesomes, Group, Public, and lots of Toys in our play times. I like a man to know what he wants, but to balance the direct but respectful approach. I only give my husband 100% control. I love my Orgasms, but after about 5-10 (which can come quickly), I am ready for things to be over. I am not looking for cuddling or Romance, but I am looking for seductive foreplay followed by good hard fucking. I like thickness over length as I like to feel my pussy stretch and be filled, and sometimes my ass as well. My husband calls my asshole my turbo button as I truly do love anal. Anal must be done right, and it is really a mood thing for me.

So why do we have this site? Well, we have used Craigslist, and other sites to meet people to play with. Craigslist is usually so much garbage that finding the decent one to play with is way to much work. I don’t want to fuck anything that moves, I want to choose my play partners and be able to relax and enjoy. This site should help us to see who is serious and who is just wasting our time. You can see by the site that there is no money involved and not even advertising. This is just so that we can connect with others who happen to be kinky like we are.

If you think you want to join me, or us for some play time, use the contact page and email us. Be┬ádetailed in what your looking for. If I like what you share, I will respond and we can exchange phone numbers and see if this will work. I have pictures on this site so please don’t bug me for more pictures. I am sick of pic trolls. IMG_1667cropped-IMG_1696.jpg