About Us!

This site is purely for our enjoyment. Lets Start with a little about us.Grace and I (Smitty) have been married since 2012.  We enjoy our sexual creativity and have explored many options. We have explored the Dom/Sub, Threesomes, Group, Public, and lots of Toys in our play times. This site has been used to blog as part of our Dom/Sub relationship, then it morphed into a blog about our sexual experiences.  We even set it up as a way for Grace to filter guys that might be possible play partners. Now it is morphing into a blog for me (Smitty) to be able to show off and share the naughty side of my wife. As we have grown, learned, and changed, we have always strived to embrace whatever changes came our way. We have decided that our play time with others is not such a focus. While we may play with others in the future, life has become a little busy and has given us some new things to focus on.  Instead of our sexual escapades with others being a focus, it will now be more of a special treat when time, life, and the opportunity permits it.

So what is this site  morphing into now?  Well, until we find a better I use, it will be a place to share pics and stories of my Naughty beautiful wife (yes she knows).  I love showing off my wife and she loves being showed off  people are more than welcome to comment, share, and even contact us if you choose.  We love to meet others in the lifestyle.  We love to have dinner, go dancing, and hang out.  Playing with others will just be a rare thing for us now as our focus has been more on our time together and not our lifestyle experiences.

I hope you can enjoy our openness and if you have questions, we are an open book  feel free to ask.