New Server

Just an update. We haven’t been using the site much for two reasons. The server was old, slow, and updates became impossible, and we have also been so busy and struggling with our BDSM side of our lifestyle. We just spent the last week updating the sites to our brand new server, and we also have changed directions slightly in our play style. The BDSM is more of a taken in hand thing for us currently. We also stopped playing with others as we were finding it difficult to stay on the same page. Our communication has always been the key and focus for us, but we found we were lacking in that area and are working toward being on the same page.

There are times where you have to step back and regroup and that is where we currently are. Both of us are grateful we can take the time to do this, and we both want to find a way to incorporate it all again, but when the time is right. Until then, we will use this site to discuss some of our wild and wicked play times or maybe just to share as we enjoy being open.


Here Kitty

Occasionally During my assignments one of our kitties climbs on me while I am doing my assignment. She will just climb on my belly while I am rubbing my clit. I will usually let her lay there for a few because she loves being on me. But after a few I push her off and get back to it.

Some times I like to watch girls use vibes to get off. I will try to match pace with them as I am building. It works every time!

Hurry Home My Love….

Love Grace

I tried to take tonights Pic with the kittie on my kittie…. but its a little dark.

Photo on 11-22-13 at 6.27 PM

Home and a Hand




Photo on 11-21-13 at 7.02 PMWe just got home and i wanted to do my assignment. you were cleaning up and I started my assignment.  I used the wand and the purple vibe then you came and laid down with me and started watching. But you couldn’t just watch:) you started helping…  playing with my ass. I came so quick. Thank you for the assist, My Love!



Today as a reward for you being sick and not wanting to fuck me because you were concerned about me getting sick too.. you gave me a Cock to masterbate with tonight! You arranged to have somephoto 1one come over assist me with my assignement…. After i came several times, you came wtih me and then gave him time to get off too and leave to finish off his night!  It felt good to have a cock inside me again… It will be nice to have you back, inside me again soon! But thank you for the gift!



As punishement for not posting last night. I have to post a graphic pic of me mastebating with a cock!



OMG!! I forgot to post!!

I did my assignment last night! you were there! you got off with me, But I forgot to post it here… I even took a pic, but I forgot to post it here…

I started with the nipple camps and then started watching something like… betty gets DP’d… and used the wand and purple vibe….

I asked to  cum and you said “no”. You wanted to be there with me. You came to bed and watched some porn with me and we mutually masturbated… I built again. and You said “yes” this time and came with me.


Photo on 11-19-13 at 9.35 PM


I am sorry I forgot… after we came I got into massaging you and winding down…


Love Grace  :)


This week you gave me this assignment and this week we are traveling.

We flew to Seattle today. And yes I cried just about the whole way. We have been driving most of the day. We got to the hotel and I started my assigment. I took the toys with us that are in the previous post. I put on porn RedTube and found “nymph girl with two cocks”. a skinny crappy actress and two thick cocks. I climaxed to her being fucked with one cock in each hole. Of course I got your permission before I did so!


Photo on 11-18-13 at 6.27 PM


Love, Grace

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New Assignment

You gave me a new assignment today, to masterbate all week thru Friday and You will give me a reward!  I must do it everyday and post here the details.


Todays assignment was anticipatory for me as I havent cum in 11 days… So today I put on the the nipple clamps (I remember there was a time that I couldnt event tollerate them for a second and today they were pulled off just before I came) and pink plug and smooth purple vibe and small purple wand.  I had my tumblr open and looked at some pics that others have posted. I like to angle the vibe so that it is on my g spot and it was vibing. I held the wand on my clit and and gently pushed in and out with the vibe applied pressure on my g spot I built fast and let off and asked if I could cum.  You said yes, and I built again and finished so intensely  and satisfied….


Here is a pic of the toys I used today.


Photo on 11-17-13 at 4.11 PM


Love Grace  :)

For You – For Me

you have asked me to discuss how we compliment each other when we travel.
Lets start with packing. you pack so much more thorough than I do. You even make sure my toys are packed!!
you hold the cash the cards and my ID.
you always get the doors for me. that almost never fails.
Like always you pull the luggage and carry the carry on
Where ever we go you are always checking in on me. When we flew which we knew I would struggle with you kept asking how I was doing When the plane was about to take off I started crying (pride. I was not making any kind of scene.)  I figured out quickly that if i tap a part of my body it would reduce the vibration from the jet that I would feel.. (yes this does look like I am special needs) you made me tap on you instead (as I was clinging for life to your arm)
I like that everywhere we went you would take pics of us and of me. I feel pretty when you take pics of me.
Most places we go that has chair not bench seating, you hold my chair. And at benches you hold your hand out for me to grasp.
At your staff meeting you spent a lot of your conversations playing me up to people. Telling them how special you feel because you have me; By saying things like she loves to race and always takes notes for me.
Things I do for you…
 When we are traveling I do our events planning and navigation. If you have phone calls I will take notes. You always tell me, I allow you to be the man… I feel a scoff inside me well up in disbelief when you say this. I just like that you want to do theses things for me. It doesn’t feel like I privilege you. But it feels good to me.
I love you, Smitty. This feels like a good assignment. It helps me to remember and to not take you for granted.
Grace :)
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SFFSF- Grace

Friday we had dinner with a very nice couple. The had responded to our ad. We had such fun talking about lifestyle with them. We don’t get opportunities very often.

That same day. One of the women from my support group, contacted me and asked if we wanted to meet up at the street fair. Of course we said yes. We also told them about the citadel.  Turns out they wanted to attend that too!
The day of the event we had some if my long time friends join us. It was fun having non-kinky women join us. You shined as being our leader. watching after all of us.
So for the feelings…
The feelings started out mixed. I often think, I used to love pain but as real life kicks in we don’t have a lot of S/M doings. So I start getting getting anxious about my pain tolerance. I really don’t want it to just hurt. I really like the drop the feeling of being yours of being totally cared for. I forget that part when we don’t play much.
We talked on the way to SF.  about our roles and our D/s and S/M.  It was hard for me i sit on feelings and think that I am not supposed to have these feelings if I was a good sub. but reality is we all have feelings. and Thankfully you always want me to talk about mine. I am grateful for that. It used to be that I would hold my feelings in and then explode. but nowadays… I yes, still hold them in but I don’t attack you any more.
In talking with you I felt heard. that we both got to take away a few things to work on.
When we got to the citadel, You had me get naked and we walked around and felt out the energy and you eventually found a cross to  hook me to. The first time you used your hand and as you made your way thru the inner and outer thighs and my upper and lower ass you kept monitoring my pain tolerance and asking how I was doing. at first it was all hard for me to get into. and I did have  a couple of areas on my outer thighs that really hurt and my inner thighs just stung like mad.
The second time you put me on  a different cross, they have two sides, and the person that was on the other side kept screaming and hopping around. And let me say… this annoyed the fuck out of me.  My ability to deal with screaming is zero.. But you knew this with out words and helped me to keep focus on you.. Our friends from over seas were impressed by your swing and my endurance of this round.
The third round you looked at my ass for any non-pink spots and took care of that quickly.
When you were done, you had me go get us some water and had my coat laid out at your feet for me when I got back and I sat there.  It was nice to just be against you and you petting me..
I love when we have these times because… I get to forget about everything and just be cared for. My mind gets to shutoff and know you are there…
 I love you, Smitty… Love, Grace

Our Weekend in San Francisco at the Citadel and Folsom Street Fair – Smitty’s View

We had dinner with a couple on Friday Night that wanted to go to the Street Fair with us. Unfortunately they couldn’t make their schedules work to be able to attend. We enjoyed dinner and enjoyed speaking with another couple that could open up about their Dom/Sub side and also on their S/M side as well. Watching others light up at the mention of belts, straps, and restraints was very refreshing.

We left for San Francisco and started our day with with the touristy Pier 39. We always enjoy being at the bay and having dinner looking out on the water. It was awesome to see Grace so excited. She was excited because we were going to be meeting a couple from overseas. The wife of the couple is someone Grace met online on a Women’s Submissive support group. Finally meeting someone she has shared challenges and advice with for the last year and a half was thrilling for her.

We met with Bonnie and Clyde (names changed to protect the kinky and creative) over drinks at a bar we like. The bar tender always takes great care of us and is always happy to see Grace, or certain parts of Grace I should say hahahahaha. Bonnie and Clyde showed up and it was obvious that we would get along perfectly. They were dressed very sharp. They were very warm and friendly, and they were not shy about discussing their personal side as we are not shy either. Clyde was a total gentleman and very courteous. Bonnie was very charming and just as excited as Grace was to meet us. We ended up talking for over an hour and decided it was time to head over to the Citadel. We gave them an Idea of what to expect and hoped they would enjoy the experience.

I told Grace what I expected of her, and it was different than what we normally do. Instead of her being Bold, Confident, and Alpha as she walked around with my collar and leash on, I wanted her to be totally submissive. She was to keep her eyes on the floor, walk a half step behind and tucked into my shoulder. I would let her know when I wanted her to acknowledge someone or something. I would even have her sitting at my feet at times. She was eager to please me.

We walked in and shortly after entering, Bonnie and Clyde went their way and we went ours. I had Grace in a black half trench coat. Under it she wore only my collar and leash, and her Fuck Toy Necklace. She also had a little bell clamp on her clit that I liked listening too as we walked. We made our rounds to check out the scene. Being that this was a Pre Party for the Folsom Street fair, it was packed. After getting comfortable, I took her out of her Jacket and admired her standing there, eyes on the floor completely naked minus the jewelry she was wearing.  Grace and I had 3 sessions that night, not counting the brief warm up her ass got before we left our hotel room. I had to avoid parts of her ass on the third sessions as she was already showing some good bruises. I had her on a cross the first two times and the last time she was bending over a padded table while I focused on the inside areas of her ass right next to her ass hole and pussy.

We have posted a pic of Grace’s Ass with the bruises and Bonnie’s ass all red and glowing. We had a few opportunities to watch Clyde work Bonnie over nicely with the paddles they brought. Most of my work on Grace was with my hand, but I did use a brush and paddle for her first Session. I was surprised that when Grace sat at my feet, it felt very much like I was protecting her and comforting her rather than any kind of derision. Since I normally like her to be so bold and radiant, I was not prepared for this and it really made me feel like she was mine to protect and my responsibility more than my collar has made me feel. We said our Good Nights and agreed to meet Bonnie and Clyde for Breakfast.

In the morning, I started to prepare Grace with Rope work. We ran out of time so I was only able to do her Rope Corset and a Rope Hitch Knot sleeve down her right Arm. I put her in our Wedding Collar, I then slipped her black half trench coat on her and we went to Moda Cafe on 7th to have breakfast with Bonnie and Clyde. We had a wonderful breakfast and truly enjoyed our time with them. They are such a charming couple.

We then walked the 2 blocks to the Street Fair. Once inside, I took off her Coat and had to buy her a new leash as we left hers in the car. We saw Bonnie and Clyde off and on as we toured the event. It started out fairly wide open as the foot traffic wasn’t super heavy. As usual, tons of people asked if they could take our Picture or a Picture of Grace (tons just take them without asking), and many asked if they could get a picture with her. We don’t post pictures of others without their permission, so we will not be posting any on here. There was a Camera Man who asked if he could follow us around and do close ups as he wanted to get plenty of footage to be able to edit and put it to music. Of course we said yes and exchanged information with him. he followed us in our shopping and meeting others for about 20-30 minutes. It was interesting.

At Noon, two of Grace’s long time friends showed up to meet up with us and check out the event. Thelma and Louise (again to changed to protect the “innocent”), were excited to see Grace and I, and while slightly surprised by her nakedness, they loved it. They then spent the next 2 hours with us walking through the event and shopping. What I really appreciated was how open minded they were. They had tons of questions, but were never judgmental even when the subject or topic was definitely not for them. They were super supportive, and were grateful for our openness and also for being included in our outing. I enjoyed seeing Grace in her Glory with her Friends as this is something that most our Friends and family would not want to be around.

One of the couples that responded to our Craigslist ads and posts about the Fair let us know they would arrive at 3pm. We met with them Briefly, but by 3PM the Street Fair is packed and walking just 2 blocks takes 30 minutes or more. We shopped a little more and then had to call it a day just after 4pm. We were both a little Sun Burned and foot sore at this point. We started the drive back to Sacramento and both of us were thrilled with how the weekend went. We both couldn’t stop smiling, and look forward to more opportunities to indulge in our sweet pleasures.

To Bonnie and Clyde, we loved meeting with you, and should we make it overseas to your neck of the woods, we will be sure to let you know and meet up with you for dinner, or drinks, or BDSM. You get the idea :)  You two were so much fun and such a pleasure to spend time with.

To Thelma and Louise, As always we enjoyed our time with you. Being that this time was you two joining us in an environment that is on the BDSM side, was something new. I appreciated your support, enthusiasm, and your openness. We laughed so much, and the two of you were a welcome addition to my circle LOL.  Yes I felt protective of you, and I appreciated that you took it well and in no way inappropriate. I look forward to doing this event again, and maybe we can all come up with a theme that everyone is comfortable with and enjoy it again next year.  Game night soon, and we will all be dressed as usual. The Street Fair will be our little secret…….well and anyone who happens to read this.