Calgary and a great Swing party

We went to Calgary and my wife came across a swing party on Saturday night.  We hadn’t planned on any play time, but we decided to go.  There were about 30 couples and we had a total blast.  We met a couple and for the very first time we did a Full Swap.  Grace was amazing that night.  Highlights for me where the following.

We licked the wife’s pussy together.

I fucked Grace doggy style while she licked the other woman’s pussy as the other woman was blowing her man.

I was on my back with Grace riding me reverse cow girl, She was blowing the Husband and the Wife was sitting on my face.

All in all, it was a great night and when I finally let loose, I came so hard filling Grace up.  She had cum leaking down her leg as we walked out of the party and for the drive home.  It was still leaking as we walked through the hotel to our room.   

New Server

Just an update. We haven’t been using the site much for two reasons. The server was old, slow, and updates became impossible, and we have also been so busy and struggling with our BDSM side of our lifestyle. We just spent the last week updating the sites to our brand new server, and we also have changed directions slightly in our play style. The BDSM is more of a taken in hand thing for us currently. We also stopped playing with others as we were finding it difficult to stay on the same page. Our communication has always been the key and focus for us, but we found we were lacking in that area and are working toward being on the same page.

There are times where you have to step back and regroup and that is where we currently are. Both of us are grateful we can take the time to do this, and we both want to find a way to incorporate it all again, but when the time is right. Until then, we will use this site to discuss some of our wild and wicked play times or maybe just to share as we enjoy being open.